5 Healthy Habits To Add to Your Life for Longevity and Successful Aging: Join the Livingto100.Club

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It isn’t uncommon to hear people joking about turning 40… for the third time around or sighing at the idea of becoming a year older. Aging successfully and happily isn’t something regularly talked about or even expected, but when did we all decide that getting older was a negative thing? One must ask themselves if aging really is as bad as we all interpret it to be. With age comes wisdom and new opportunities, and as long as you take advantage of everything that comes with another year, we can all age successfully and happily.  To start you on this positive shift towards aging gracefully and positively, we’ve created a list of healthy habits to add into your life.

5 Habits For Aging Successfully 

You’re Never Too Old to Exercise

Gone are the days where senior workouts were limited. With the health and fitness industry thriving, many new exercise types and styles have been created and yes, there are even some for seniors. Things such as aquatic exercise classes and chair yoga for seniors are fun ways to keep your body moving and to keep your muscles active and toned – a great way to prevent injury so you can keep up to pace with the life you want to live. And when your body feels great, you’re able to do many more things. So, add some fun exercises into your day, even if it’s a walk around the block or even down to your mailbox. Every step counts… Literally.


Practice Positive Aging

The brain is a powerful muscle that can work for you or against you. As Albert Einstein once said, “Change your energy and you can change your reality”. In other words, if you are constantly focusing on the negativity of aging, the aging process will follow in suit. So, pay attention to the words you speak to yourself and about yourself. If they are not positive and encouraging, change them. You don’t even have to believe what you’re saying at first, as the words will penetrate into your brain for a long-lasting, positive effect.

If positive affirmations aren't your cup of tea, tune into Living To 100 radio for all the positivity and inspiration you need to uplift your spirits and life. 


Make The First Move

Life is short, as we all know. Moments and opportunities pass on by if you do not make the initiative to grab them. These opportunities may be as simple as calling your grandchildren instead of complaining that they don’t call or perhaps it’s actually stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing a new activity with your partner, friends or at a local community center. Now is the perfect time to live the life you want and to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Big or small, it’s time to start tackling your bucket list.


Do More Crosswords

Whether it’s crossword puzzles, reading, writing in a journal or another type of brain-stimulating activity, find something you love to do and do more of it. The Geriatric Mental Health Foundation recommends doing these types of activities as they help prevent a decline in mental health. Remember, successful aging requires positive emotional, physical and mental health.  


Take Time To Socialize

Connection is the best medicine at any age. As you become older and your children grow into adults and have children of their own, it isn’t uncommon to feel left out or “forgotten”, but believe us when we say, you definitely are not forgotten about. Often times, loneliness is the result of not speaking your truth; of not telling those you love what you need from them. So, whether it’s more visits, more phone calls or joining a local community class, take time to socialize in whatever way you desire. The connection with others is enough to keep you thriving well beyond 100.  


There’s this dark cloud that has been casted on aging but at The Living to 100 Club, we strive to change this negative misconception. To capitalize on the incredible opportunities that come with age and to learn how to age successfully, tune into our radio show and join the club. Age is power and that’s exactly what we’re here to show you.

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