Living longer can be about attitude and outlook, about staying positive even in the face of challenge.  Keep pushing ahead. If other people get in the way, thank them for their opinion, and get on with living your life to its fullest. Continue to believe in what's possible, and ignore the naysayers. Take that trip, sign up for that class, reach out to a stranger on the street, take up a new hobby - just unlock that energy and curiosity that have been hidden away.  Open yourself up to new experiences.

So, make a commitment - and a goal - to live to be 100! Follow all the tips, the research, the suggestions, and the secrets about living longer that you can find. You'll find plenty of information about longevity on the internet. But, commit to living to 100, and when you hit a bump in the road, find a way around it. And remove all of that negative clutter in your head. Believe in a positive, energizing future. Believe in yourself.

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