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On our last internet Radio episode, our guest was Nick Buettner, of the Blue Zones team.  He spoke passionately about the lessons that we’ve learned from the centenarians living in the Blue Zones, and how these lessons are being applied in cities throughout the U.S.  One of the points our guest made is that  environments can be set up in our cities to encourage people to make the right choices in family and community, diet, and lifestyle, almost as if they are the default choice, rather than, for example, the unhealthy option being the default choice.  Making the right choices is easier when circumstances around us are conducive to successful aging.  So, the principle to underscore here is closely linked to what Dr. Buettner was asserting: living to 100 is more than a destination.  It is a mindset, a belief in our ability to overcome setbacks, and, most importantly, the result of making the right choices about our lifestyle and living longer. 

Here are three articles that attest to the benefits of physical activity and the practice of positive thinking.

"Slow Walking" at 45 is a Sign of Faster Aging

Research done by a team of international investigators has looked at speed of walking in middle-aged adults, and the findings raise some eye-opening and somewhat troublesome concerns for a “slow walk”.  Historically, doctors have seen gait or walking speed as a measure of muscle strength, lung function, balance, spine strength, and eyesight, while slow walking speed in old age has been associated with dementia and functional decline.  However, in this research, 1,037 participants were followed from an early age to the age of 45, and the results showed significant decline in immune systems, brain scan, and other measures for those with slower gait speed at early ages. 

To read the full article, follow this link:

The Effects of Positive Thinking on Our Physical Health

Recent Living to 100 Club blogs on the subject of positive thinking have highlighted the practice of positive thinking, including explanatory styles, re-framing and affirmations.  And, what we are continuing to see is more evidence-based research highlighting the physical benefits of positive thinking.  Follow this link for a short read on the effects an optimistic thinking style on immunity levels, resilience, and our ability to manage stress. 

More on Positivity

Do men and women who are more optimistic live longer?  This is what researchers at Boston University have found: optimistic people have a 11 to 15% longer lifespan compared with  those who are pessimistic, and at least for women, those who are most optimistic in their study wer 30% less likely to die from serious illness, including cancer, heart disease, and stroke, compared with those who see the glass as half empty.  Follow this link to read a quick summary: And, click here for the full article from the American Journal of Epidemiology.


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The Living to 100 Club website has been updated, and focuses on sharing useful information with our Club Members and visitors. We have shifted away from products - though not the inspiration - and decided to leave shopping opportunities to other e-commerce stores.  Our sole focus returns us to what we do best - providing useful content, through our blogs, Radio show episodes, and a new Member Forum to share ideas, friendship, and strategies with one another. Take a look today, sign up for a free or paid Membership, and register for the Member Forum. Hope you like the changes!

Speaking Engagement

CEO and Chief Curator of the Living to 100 Club, Dr. Joe Casciani, has been invited to speak at the upcoming Successful Aging Expo, sponsored by the San Diego Union Tribune, on November 2, 2019.  This is the 10th annual Successful Aging Expo, for anyone "wanting to make the most of life after 50". It features free admission, and the latest information, services, and products geared to active older adults.  It is being held at the San Diego Convention Center. The title of his talk is, Fresh and Inspiring Perspectives on Living to 100.  If you're local, be sure to come by and enjoy the event.

Weekly Internet Radio Show

The Living to 100 Club is all about staying positive as we age. Our blog articles and our weekly live Radio Show emphasize longevity, successful aging, risk management, and handling setbacks whenever they occur.  Now, with over 7,000 listeners to our live episodes or on-demand recordings, there is an interest in these subjects.  Be sure to tune in to our weekly live Radio Talk Show on VoiceAmericaHealth, every Friday at 2pm Pacific, with your Host, Dr. Joe Casciani.  

Missed the live event?  Recordings of all episodes can be accessed on the Club website. Scroll down on the audio player and select “Episode Listing” to display the selections. And now, you can see the schedule of upcoming guests - take a look. We have an exciting lineup of guests for the fall, and hope you will continue to join us.


  • Jacqueline, there are systems in place that are hard to break – e.g., a pill for everything. But, I think we can maintain our own beliefs and outlooks that rise above these external constraints, and not get pulled down by them. I enjoyed sharing my views during the presentation and am glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for the note.

    Joe Casciani
  • “It is my express belief that we as human beings are being sold on illness & prescriptions. You have this, or you are going to have that, so take this for the rest of your life. We are not being told (we are what we eat; to live life in moderation. get up and move. Keep dancing; keep doing the things we like to do ; above all -get up every day and go out; enjoy the beautiful creation God has given us. The earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth. It has been entrusted to our care. It is our duty to take care of it for our generations to come. It was enlightening to see and hear Dr. Casciani -PHD at the Aging Exposition. I thank him for his words of Wisdom and creating the Living To 100 Club.

    Jacqueline Josey

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