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The phrase seeing clearly has two meanings, a figurative meaning and a literal one.  Successful aging requires that we see the future clearly, with a positive frame of mind, without having our vision restricted by doubt and negative thinking.  We might say that seeing clearly is a figure of speech, a metaphor for how we feel when we look into the future.

Of course, seeing clearly should also be taken literally, as a fact, as an accurate description of visual acuity. We know that a majority of those over age 60 require some sort of vision correction.  Seeing objects closeup and at a distance requires eyewear – often starting as early as age 40 or 50 – to adapt to or make up for changes in our vision that occur as we get older. Whether it’s eyewear just to see better in general, eyewear for fashion and style, or eyewear for specific activities, such as reading, driving, safety, or even computer work to reduce what’s commonly known as digital eye strain, there are many choices available to be fitted with the best and most suitable eyewear.  

Today, it’s easier than ever to purchase attractive and inexpensive eyeglasses online, with a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors.  Aside from contact lenses and laser surgery, consumers with a computer and a prescription from one’s eye doctor can now shop for the best frames around the world. Two websites with high-quality, inexpensive frames can be found at Zenni Optical and Warby Parker.  Some of the better sites will have step-by-step guidance on selecting the best eyeglasses for your face shape.

We also know that specialty eyewear should be considered for certain tasks.  For example, computer glasses are recommended for those looking at a monitor throughout their work day because of the effects of prolonged exposure to HEV (high-energy visible) blue light, which usually leads to eye strain and blurred vision.  For close-up work and focusing at very close distances, as when doing needlework or craftwork, stronger reading glasses may be helpful. Sports eyewear, with prescription lenses or not, can improve visual acuity while preventing injury, especially when on the court.  Some brands of sports eyewear have interchangeable colored lenses with an option for adding prescription lenses. In addition, driving glasses can reduce glare and make it easier to see in bright sunlight, while also making it easier when driving at night.

Accessories for eyeglass wearers include desktop eyeglass holders, like low profile, lined cases and those on the more whimsical side, and necklace eyeglass holders for women and the very popular clothing eyeglass holder for men and women. For those doing extended, serious closeup work on crafts or hobbies, investing in a headband eyeglass magnifier may be the way to go.


Changes in Vision as We Age

As we all know, our sensory systems gradually lose their sharpness as we age.  There are several changes in vision that accompany aging:

  • Presbyopia develops as early as age 40, making it hard to focus on objects that are too close, such as when reading;
  • A loss of elasticity of the lens; this results in a difficulty focusing or accommodating to changes in lighting conditions;
  • Decreased pupil size: the light reaching the retina is reduced, requiring more ambient light to see.  This results in the need for lighting 3x to 4x what younger people need to see clearly;
  • A loss of transparency: with age, there is a yellowing of the lens in the eyes, making color discrimination more difficult, especially blue and green.  Warmer colors, such as reds and yellows are perceived best, explaining why bright colors are preferred.
  • More susceptibility to glare, and longer time is needed to recover from the effects of glare;
  • Eye diseases and disorders, such as cataracts causing a clouding of the lens; glaucoma, resulting from increased pressure of fluids in the eye, damaging the optic nerve and impairing vision.  It is also the number one cause of blindness in U.S. Macular degeneration may occur, where vision is distorted, and images appear different sizes or different shapes.  Diabetes may result in disrupted blood flow to the retina, causing diabetic retinopathy and a loss of vision, and blindness, in extreme cases.  

Because symptoms of these conditions sometimes go unnoticed, it’s important to visit one’s eye doctor yearly.  

Remember to do whatever we can to see clearly – literally and figuratively – and turn aging on its head.

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