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Laughter is good for us.  Researchers have shown that laughing can stimulate the body’s organs by increasing oxygen to the heart, lungs, and muscles, it can enhance the release of endorphins (peptides that raise our threshold for pain), and can decrease levels of cortisol (hormones associated with inflammation and declines in our immune system).  For more, see these articles:  Stress management, Laughter is the Best Medicine, The Power of Laughter.  In fact, in one of the earliest treatises popularizing the healing properties of laughter, Norman Cousins wrote in Anatomy of an Illness how laughter extended his life after being diagnosed with a very debilitating form of arthritis.  But, most important, laughing is fun.  Another ingredient to Living to 100?

Can you imagine the laughs at a weekly get together of Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, and others often cited as comedic geniuses and experts on the power of laughter?  Carl Reiner’s line, “Keep laughing – you’ll live forever” says it all.  But what if we had a weekly situation comedy, with these folks.  Here’s what one episode could look like:

Cast of characters: Carl Reiner, Jerry Seinfeld, Wanda Sykes, Mel Brooks, and Larry David

Scene: The home of Mel Brooks, with Reiner and Brooks musing about their recording “The 2,000-Year-Old Man.” 

Brooks: You know, one of the secrets to his living 2,000 years is staying out of small Italian sports cars.   Let’s order some deli – how about lox and bagels. I’ll call Nate and Al’s and get it delivered.

Reiner:  I’m good with that.

Doorbell rings, and Jerry Seinfeld at the door with the food.

Reiner:  Jerry, what is this, a joke? You’re delivering food now?

Seinfeld: Well things are slow. That comedians in cars things isn’t doing too good so I took this gig with Uber Eats.  Anyway, here’s what you ordered. 

Brooks: Sorry to hear that, anyway, I’m starving. Did you remember the onions?

Reiner:  Hey, looks great. All this laughing makes me want to wolf it down.  Oh, oh! Starting to feel a little woozy, having trouble catching my breath.

Brooks: I’ll call 911.

Doorbell rings again, an EMT in full uniform standing in the doorway, accompanied by Larry David.

Brooks:  Larry, what are you doing here – now you’re hanging out with emergency medical services?

David: Yeah, got into a little trouble so I was ordered to do community service.  I was craving some crusty, sourdough bread last week, so I headed off to Boudin’s to get a baguette. Got to the counter, and she said they were all out of baguettes. You’re kidding – your whole restaurant is built around sourdough baguettes and you’re out of them. Couldn’t believe it!  They have hundreds, maybe thousands of chains and they’re out of baguettes. Anyway, she says I was creating a public nuisance and called the cops. 

Brooks: So why this EMT service – that’s the only volunteer thing you could find?

David: Well, I thought I might see some public maiming.

Seinfeld: Who’s going to pay my bill?

David: So, what is it about these Russians anyway, why do we always hear about the Russian mob in the movies?  That Denzel Washington thing, then we get Jack Reacher, and now this John Wick thing? Why is it always the Russian mobs who get the attention in the movies? Why don’t we get to see a flick about the Finnish underground? Or how about mobsters in Luxembourg? Wouldn’t you want to see a movie about rival gangs in Montenegro – I know I would.  Carl, how ya doing – by the way they called your nurse.

Doorbell rings, Wanda Sykes at the door.

Reiner:  Wanda, what are you doing here? You didn’t have to come. I’m ok.

Sykes:  Ok, ok, pop, enough excitement for today. Time to go back to the home.

Reiner, on his way out the door:  Hey, can you guys come and visit tomorrow? It’s so lonely on Sundays.

Brooks: Sorry, Carl, no can do. Tomorrow’s my day at Del Mar. The track opened last week, and Sunday is my day with the horses.

David:  Yeah, Carl, I’ll see what I can do – maybe there’s somebody there I can make fun of.

Seinfeld: Is anybody gonna pay this bill?

Keep laughing. The above skit is entirely fictitious. It's a few lines of thanks to these kings of comedy who have left the whole world laughing for decades, and a debt of gratitude for helping us all live longer.  Aside from the 2,000-year old man’s line about sports cars, this is original content conjured up in the middle of the night, to keep the author laughing.  


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