Collection: Positive Thinking

A series of insights and new daily gratitude practices helped this writer reduce stress and learn how to re-think negative situations. Click here for the article.

We've heard these stories before, but they do keep the notion of determination front and center. Overcoming the Odds is a nice re-cap. 

Here's a list of exercises to put in your "mental toolbox" so you can use these tools to shift to a positive mindset: Build a "Mental Toolbox" to Help Navigate through Rough Times

Three ways to think more positively, because the negative bias is real 

Tips for Achieving and Maintaining a Positive Mindset

Think Positive

The Upsides of Anger Management

Mindful Reflections in the New Year

Goal Setting and Positive Thinking

5 Ways to Help You Think Positively

When Optimism becomes Positive Toxicity - Going Too Far

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