About Us

The Living to 100 Club is the creation of Dr. Joe Casciani, a psychologist, who has specialized in senior care for over 30 years.

I think we all need to re-define ourselves as strong, resilient, and capable of seeing a positive future for ourselves. I have created this website to offer inspiration about aging, and to bring perspectives to our audience that help with living long, healthy lives, and give us new opportunities for fun, relaxation, safety, and comfort. 

His work in the field of aging has taught him many things:

* Our future should be bigger than our past – when our past is more important than our future, we get stuck and stop growing.

* Age is only a number, and doesn't tell us anything about who we should or shouldn't be.

* Older adults face many challenges, both age-related changes as well as unexpected problems and setbacks. 

* Our mental outlook – what we see in our future – has a huge impact on how well we manage these day-to-day challenges.  So, how we explain or interpret these life events can color our ability to overcome them – or not.

* And, we all have a vast reservoir of energy and creative spirit inside, sometimes untapped.  When we can tap this internal energy and dig deep, we can take on new challenges with a drive and determination that we didn’t know we had.


Anyone can join the Club.  If you want to join, though, you agree to:

* re-think traditional, stereotyped views about getting older, and throwing off those limitations we put on "older" adults;

* accept that successful aging means coping with whatever struggle comes our way  physical, social, or financial;

* create a mental picture of yourself as someone much younger than your chronological age  Why not!

Our Club Members plan on Living to 100.  We won’t be slowed down in our advancing years, we want to take control of our own future, regardless of our health status, and we commit to moving forward no matter how many bumps we encounter along the way.  

After all, Living to 100 is a mindset more than anything, a metaphor for pushing ahead.

That’s the goal.  Join the Club, where Members are turning aging on its head.

The Founder of the Living to 100 Club resides in San Diego, California, USA, and can be reached at Info@Livingto100.Club.

"Living to 100 Club" and the tagline “turning aging on its head” are pending service mark registrations with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.