Help on Your Journey to Successful Aging


Are you defining yourself as physically and mentally fit, resilient, capable of seeing a positive future, and eager for continued inspiration to keep moving forward?

Aging happens to everyone. Successful aging is all about defining ourselves as strong and resilient, and having the capacity to see a positive future for ourselves. And to celebrate aging is to recognize that this is the best stage of our lives. We want to remain as healthy and fit as possible, as mentally alert as we can, and we want to enjoy the wisdom, tolerance, and insight that we have accumulated over the years.

Here at the Living to 100 Club, we want to help you stay inspired about your future and about moving forward, no matter what gets in the way. The Chief Curator of the Living to 100 Club, Dr. Joe Casciani has spent his career as a psychologist working with older adults and their families, and has his own approaches to help our audience keep a positive outlook, to keep defining yourself as capable and resilient, and to remind you that age is only a number - it doesn't say anything about what we should or should not be able to do.

As Chief Curator, Dr. Casciani will select the best resources, articles, videos, discussion groups, and even humor to help us maintain our active senior lifestyle. After all, the Club's tagline is, "We turn aging on its head". 


Joaquin Anguera, Celebrating Aging with a Positive Perspective

Aman Keays, What Yoga Can Teach Us about Living to 100

Sky Bergman, Lives Well Lived:

Craig and Debbie Lambert, Riding the Waves of Time Together: What Happily Older Married Couples Can Teach Us::

Nick Buettner, Longevity Lessons from the Blue Zones:

Sabrina Falquier-Montgrain, Food Is Medicine: Understanding the New World of Culinary Medicine:

Michael Howard, Living to Be 100:

Michael Howard, Better Habits, Better Health:

Paula Hartman-Stein, Narrative Gerontology: How the Power of the Pen Enhances Emotional and Spiritual Well-being in Older Adults:

Michelle Palmer, How to Experience Blissful Rejuvenation with "Zenergy" for Optimal Health:

 Sharon Rolph, Longevity Blueprint: What Isn't Being Said about Retirement:


The Blue Zones: Lessons on Longevity. The Top Takeaways from the Radio Show with Dr. Nick Buettner: 

Better Habits, Better Health: The Top Takeaways from the Radio Show with Dr. Michael Howard:

Improving Our Functional Health for Successful Aging and Longevity:

Time-restricted Eating and Its Effect on Metabolic Disease: 

Meaning and Purpose in Life as a Source of Successful Aging and Longevity: 

Sports in Old Age: Successful Aging Means We Are Always Creating:

5 Healthy Habits to Add to Your Life for Successful Aging and Longevity:

Be Prepared: Good Advice for those Likely to Live Longer Than We Think We Will:

What Stays the Same: The Tried-and-True Strategies to Successful Aging: 


Tips for Achieving a Positive Mindset

The Power of Positive Thinking 

What Centenarians Do to Promote Longevity

Wine, gardening, and gratitude are this 100-year-old's secrets to a long, happy life

Best Places to Travel in 2020 

My Top 10 Tips for Aging Well

Change Your Personality for Better Aging

Drugs that Fight Inflammation and May Reverse Brain Aging



Book: The Longevity Paradox: How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age

Book: Launch Your Encore: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Later Life

Member Handbook – this is a 19-page eBook on creating and maintaining a positive frame of mind, how to re-examine stereotypes about aging, coping with loss and setbacks, re-defining oneself in a positive way, strategies to lift depression, and digging deep for the energy and determination to move forward. Shop Here

Radio Show – The Living to 100 Club is one of Voice America Network’s innovative and unique programs. This is a live, internet talk radio program, airing weekly on Friday, 2pm Pacific. Our guests – from diverse backgrounds in health care, gerontology, law, holistic and spiritual practices – bring their expertise, recommendations, and positive views about aging every week. Access the schedule and listen here.  If you can’t make the live show, recordings are available on demand on the Club’s website. Schedule and Past Recordings

Living to 100 Planner - Where can I record all of the details - accounts, contacts, policies, logins, etc. - that I will need if and when an unexpected event occurs to a loved one. Or, where can I log this information so others in my family can locate it quickly? The Living to 100 Planner will become your go-to resource when compiling this information and keeping it all in one place. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have attended to this important issue and your energies can go where they are needed most. Downloadable version, formatted for printing 12 pages.

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