Helping Professionals on Your Journey Working with Older Adults


Are you a professional or paraprofessional who is now responsible for the care of older adults, ready to re-think stereotyped views about getting older, and want insights on tapping the motivation and spirit of your clients and patients?

We all have a vast reservoir of energy and creative spirit inside, sometimes untapped. When we can tap this internal energy and dig deep, we can take on new challenges with a drive and determination that we didn’t know we had. This is a very powerful motivator when helping older adults become more engaged in their treatment. If you are a provider who is responsible for the care of older patients or clients, one important role you have is to help these individuals reconsider their self-limiting, negative thinking style and instead help them see that their fire, drive, and internal spirit never goes away. The spark never goes out.

The Living to 100 Club offers a pathway for professional caregivers, with guidance, insights, and resources to impact how you will keep your clients motivated and connected to their care. With a 30-year career in long-term care settings and providing psychological support to their residents, Dr. Joe Casciani now leads the Living to 100 Club, and is assisting professional caregivers in your rewarding but often challenging work with seniors.


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Book: Younger Next Year

Member Handbook – this is a 19-page eBook on creating and maintaining a positive frame of mind, how to re-examine stereotypes about aging, coping with loss and setbacks, re-defining oneself in a positive way, strategies to lift depression, and digging deep for the energy and determination to move forward. Shop Here

Radio Show – The Living to 100 Club is one of Voice America Network’s innovative and unique programs. This is a live, internet talk radio program, airing weekly on Friday, 2pm Pacific. Our guests – from diverse backgrounds in health care, gerontology, law, holistic and spiritual practices – bring their expertise, recommendations, and positive views about aging every week. Access the schedule and listen here.  If you can’t make the live show, recordings are available on demand on the Club’s website. Schedule and Past Recordings

Living to 100 Planner - Where can I record all of the details - accounts, contacts, policies, logins, etc. - that I will need if and when an unexpected event occurs to a loved one. Or, where can I log this information so others in my family can locate it quickly? The Living to 100 Planner will become your go-to resource when compiling this information and keeping it all in one place. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have attended to this important issue and your energies can go where they are needed most. Downloadable version, formatted for printing 12 pages.

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Presentations for Your Group – Dr. Casciani will come to your facility, either in person or in a virtual (online) format, to talk about successful aging and the keys to longevity, starting new chapters, and staying positive about our future – regardless of the hurdles we face. These topics are collected in his talk, “Maintaining Fresh and Inspiring Perspectives on Living to 100”. Speaker and Host Page

Books – See our collection of books authored by guests on our radio show, and also books that have been recommended in our Blogs. Click Here for Book Collection