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Hugh Pates: Psychologist who has worked for many years with older adults residing in nursing homes facing an array of medical and psychological problems, and contributes to the well-being of residents in these settings. He spoke on "How to Manage Setbacks as We Get Older".  Contact Info  
Joaquin Anguera: Gerontologist and educator, discusses many "myths" of aging, uncovers explanations for negative perceptions about growing old, ageism, and what successful aging looks like in this episode, "Celebrating Aging with a Positive Perspective". LinkedIn Profile 
Paul Greenwood: Former Deputy DA in San Diego County and head of the Elder Abuse Protection Unit, spoke on elder abuse and how to protect others from becoming a victim. Paul now trains law enforcement and other organizations, and consults with lawyers engaged in elder abuse litigation. LinkedIn Profile
Aman Keays: A Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor, explored the benefits of a yoga practice, its effect on longevity, and how the many changes from practicing yoga contribute to health lifestyles. Aman is the Director of Full Circle Yoga, and can be contacted at: 
Joseph M. Casciani: Geropsychologist, host of the Radio Show, and Creator and Curator of the Living to 100 Club. This presentation explored three clinical syndromes that affect older adults: depression, dementia, and delirium.  www.Livingto100.Club
Sky Bergman: Artist, Photographer, and Filmmaker, who produced the film, Lives Well Lived, to document how older adults live successful, meaningful lives. Her film is now available on DVD and is available to Club Premium Members and can be purchased at: Lives Well Lived 
Faye Girsh: Psychologist and Right to Die Advocate, former President of the Hemlock Society, spoke about advance directives, hospice, and palliative care settings, and eloquently discussed her subject, "How to Prepare for a Peaceful Death". Contact information: 
Elaine K. Sanchez: Caregiver, public speaker, and co-founder of Caregiver Help, Elaine offers video-based support for families and professional caregivers. In this episode, she discusses "Helping People Find Hope, Humor, and Heart in Caregiving".  Her website is
Craig Lambert and Debbie Lambert: Both couples therapists, they explored what makes relationships satisfying, into later years, in their presentation, "Riding the Waves of Time Together: What Happily Older Couples Can teach Us". Their website is
Geoffrey W. Lane: Board-certified geriatric psychologist and specialist in gerontechnology, Geoff spoke about technological innovation that can improve the health and well-being of older adults.  Contact Info 
Michael E. Howard: Psychologist, author, and trainer, he spoke about the lifestyle steps that lead us to living longer, healthier lives, delaying the leading causes of death, and making it to 100 years of age. His book, Living to Be 100, was the inspiration behind the Living to 100 Club. 
Maggie Syme: Psychologist, researcher in the areas of sexuality and aging, and Assistant Professor at Kansas State University, she discussed the diversity of sexual expression in older adulthood, sexual taboos, and challenges to sexual wellness for older adults. Contact Info 
Scott Tarde: CEO of the George Glenner Alzheimer's Family Center, he spoke about the benefits of adult day care programs and the Glenner's innovative Town Square program that immerses participants in settings that trigger preserved memories and reduce agitation.  Contact Info 
Kyle Rand: CEO of Rendever, Kyle discusses the development and use of virtual reality for seniors, an immersive, visual experience that is used to build communities and increase resident engagement in residential and assisted living settings. Visit Rendever for more information. 
Nick Buettner: Nick and his brother, Dan, first studied the Blue Zones, geographic regions around the world that are home to some of the world's oldest people.  This episode focused on the common diet and lifestyle habits that contribute to longevity. Visit Blue Zones for more information. 
William E. Kelly: This episode explored unique challenges faced by the older adult gay community, including housing, medical care, and community support systems. Solutions were proposed for planning groups, community organizations, and government decision-makers. Bill's Facebook Page: Caring for All Seniors in San Diego 
Sabrina Falquier-Montgrain: Our guest is an internal medicine physician who bridges her medical practice with the specialty of culinary medicine, and discusses healthy food choices and eating patterns, while highlighting the 5 basic BeWell food principles. Instagram 
Alex Glazebrook: Director of Operations for Older Adults Technology Services (O.A.T.S.), he described how O.A.T.S. has served over 20,000 seniors in NYC and other locations around the country to train them to use technology to improve health, finances, social engagement, and creativity. 
Peter Lichtenberg: A leading expert in determining decision-making capacity in older adults, this episode focused on the elements necessary in making informed decisions about finances and health care, avoiding exploitation, and what tools are used to determine capacity.  Visit for more information.
Joseph M. Casciani: Geropsychologist, host of the Radio Show, and Creator and Curator of the Living to 100 Club. This episode explored the many dimensions of successful aging, including lessons for longevity, maintaining purpose and meaning, starting new chapters, and lifting depression. www.Livingto100.Club 
Gary Rosenberg: A neurologist, and leading researcher on dementia, especially the newer "mixed dementia" - the combination of Alzheimer's and vascular dementia - leading to accelerated cognitive loss but also amenable to slowing the rate of decline by reducing vascular risk factors.  Contact Info 
Estella Sneider: Psychologist and Board-certified Sex Therapist, shares her explanations about physical changes in sexual performance that occur with advancing age, and adjustments that can be made to reduce the impact of these changes.  Website 
Michael Howard: A follow-up presentation by Dr. Howard (see earlier episode on lifestyle), a health practitioner and educator, exploring the nature of chronic illness, and an in-depth look at the key factors in the prevention and management of the most common chronic illnesses. Author of Living to Be 100
Addie Abushousheh: A presentation entitled Exploring Supportive Environments for Older Adults, Dr. Abushousheh's combined expertise in gerontology and architecture, explored environmental design and development for seniors in health care and residential settings -- what works and what doesn't. Contact Info
Paula Hartman-Stein is a geropsychologist, healthcare educator, and journalist covering Medicare issues. She has edited two books, Enhancing Cognitive Fitness for Adults, and Innovative Behavioral Healthcare for Older Adults. In this episode, Dr. Hartman-Stein discussed the benefits of guided autobiography, also known as "narrative gerontology". Visit her website.
Michelle Palmer is a physical therapist, Certified Holistic Health Coach, a graduate degree in Kinesiology/Athletic Training, and training in Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Essential Oils, and Healing Touch. This presentation introduced us to her Zenergy Healing Mat, and how it improves overall health and well being on a deep cellular level. Learn more at Zenergy Healing.
Kauser Ahmed, PhD, is responsible for the oversight of psychosocial clinical care of patients and families touched by cancer at the Simms-Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. This episode focused on "Living Well through a Cancer Diagnosis". Contact Info
Carolyn Katzin, MS, CNS, MNT, has a specialty in nutrition and cancer, with graduate degrees in nutrition and public health. She has focused on empowering cancer patients and their families for 30 years. This episode explored nutrition for cancer patients, wellness, and the immune system. Contact Info
Michael Eselun is a Board-certified Clinical Chaplain and serves as the Staff Chaplain and Spiritual Care Specialist at the Simms-Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. This radio show explored spirituality from different perspectives, and how spirituality is experienced by cancer patients. More information is available this website.
Sharon Rolph is a Personal Life and Retirement Coach who has a specialty in retirement preparation and planning. This episode explored the impact of retirement on social, financial, and personal functioning through Sharon's Longevity Blueprint. She can be reached at her website, Effortless Vitality.
Amy Abrams is the Director of Education for Alzheimer's San Diego, and shared in a fact-filled episode the latest developments on Dementia, risk factors and risk management of dementia, and lifestyle factors that impact the onset or delay or Alzheimer's disease. The mission of her organization is helping families today while finding a cure for tomorrow.
Kevin Leinum has extensive experience with long-term care insurance, Medicare planning, and senior care placement. This episode offered guidance on different levels of care, options for long term care insurance, and how to be more informed about senior care placement. Contact Info.
Wayne Schwind is the CEO and founder of Periodic Edibles, the Caramel Cannabis Company, the largest producer and seller of cannabis caramels in Oregon. He also hosts a podcast focusing on the science and business aspects of cannabis, THC, and CBD. Website