Show Sponsorships

Living to 100 Club Radio Show


Living into our senior years brings new challenges, and to age successfully requires us to be as informed as possible, and to meet these challenges with a positive spirit. To support this endeavor, the Living to 100 Club hosts a weekly, live internet Radio Show, with guests who are experts in the fields of health care, gerontology, law, nutrition and fitness, and otherwise advocates of successful aging. To date, over 13,000 people have listened to the Show, and our audience continues to grow every week.

The Living to 100 Club Radio Show helps listeners navigate around the hurdles, stay as healthy as we can in the process, and make the road ahead more enjoyable. At the same time, the Show is generating a consumer base for the Living to 100 Club brand, and the brand of our sponsors and advertisers.

Visitors to this website are invited to become a sponsor or advertiser of the Radio Show on the Voice America network. Because of Voice America's worldwide online distribution, and its system for archiving episodes for on-demand listening at any time, our Sponsor's brand and message will have broad exposure, for many years to come. Interested parties should contact Radio@Livingto100.Club. The Show's Executive Producer is the person who can answer questions about sponsorship and will be the resource for supporting this Radio Show.