Help on Your Caregiver Journey


Are you caring for a spouse or relative who is facing age-related decline, and are looking for approaches and support to ease your caregiving journey?

Those who are caring for a close family member or lifelong friend can experience many strong emotions about this “labor of love”. Emotions like compassion, love, sacrifice, and sense of satisfaction are at the top of the list, but on the darker days, these emotions can also include resentment, frustration and anger, helplessness, exasperation, and even a sense of failure. Whether the care involves less demanding aid like more frequent home visits and help with activities like cooking and cleaning, or very stressful aid like redirecting during periods of confusion and anger outbursts, or cleaning up after bowel or bladder incontinence, caregivers are looking for sensible, effective approaches and support.

We want to help you on this journey. Your outlook and your attitude about this caregiving will color your views about yourself, and impact your physical and mental health. To this end, we here at the Living to 100 Club are bringing you a number of resources to help answer your questions and offer the support needed to stay motivated and positive. These resources collectively are based on Dr. Casciani’s years of clinical experience with older adults and their families.

Recordings of Living to 100 Club Radio Shows Devoted to Caregiving (click here for all recordings)

Elaine Sanchez, Finding Hope, Humor, and Heart in Caregiving:

Joe Casciani, Fresh and Inspiring Perspectives on Living to 100:

Gary Rosenberg, The Paradigm Shift in Alzheimer's Disease Research:

Michelle Palmer, Blissful Rejuvenation with the Zenergy Healing Mat:

Michael Eselun, Reflections of an Oncology Chaplain:

Club Blogs Written For Caregivers (click here for all Blogs)

The importance of taking care of ourselves:

Basics of positive psychology to help avoid negative thinking: 

Tips for seniors dealing with the transition from home to assisted living:

Helping to understand the differences among depression, dementia, and delirium:

Long distance care for a senior loved one:

Schools and programs with classes on learning at home:

Useful tips for caregivers on providing aid to those with dementia:

Aspirations to positively shape our thinking:

Articles Searched and Selected That Are  Relevant to You

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5 Ways to Help You Think Positively

Fun, Informative Resources to Live a Bolder Life

Tech Updates to Help You and Your Parents Age in Place

Resilience: Are We Born with It or Can We Build it?

Other Recommendations

Book - Caring For Your Parents: The Complete Family Guide from AARP

Member Handbook – this is a 19-page eBook on creating and maintaining a positive frame of mind, how to re-examine stereotypes about aging, coping with loss and setbacks, re-defining oneself in a positive way, strategies to lift depression, and digging deep for the energy and determination to move forward. Shop Here

Radio Show – The Living to 100 Club is one of Voice America Network’s innovative and unique programs. This is a live, internet talk radio program, airing weekly on Friday, 2pm Pacific. Our guests – from diverse backgrounds in health care, gerontology, law, holistic and spiritual practices – bring their expertise, recommendations, and positive views about aging every week. Access the schedule and listen here.  If you can’t make the live show, recordings are available on demand on the Club’s website. Schedule and Past Recordings

Living to 100 Planner - Where can I record all of the details - accounts, contacts, policies, logins, etc. - that I will need if and when an unexpected event occurs to a loved one. Or, where can I log this information so others in my family can locate it quickly? The Living to 100 Planner will become your go-to resource when compiling this information and keeping it all in one place. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have attended to this important issue and your energies can go where they are needed most. Downloadable version, formatted for printing 12 pages.

Phone Consultation – Would you like more information about a blog post, about a discussion from one of our radio programs, about promoting best practices for you or your group, about resources available, or about removing clutter that gets in the way of your successful aging. Schedule a Call Here

Presentations for Your Group – Dr. Casciani will come to your facility, either in person or in a virtual (online) format, to talk about successful aging and the keys to longevity, starting new chapters, and staying positive about our future – regardless of the hurdles we face. These topics are collected in his talk, “Maintaining Fresh and Inspiring Perspectives on Living to 100”. Speaker and Host Page

Books – See our full collection of books authored by guests on our radio show, and also books that have been recommended in our Blogs. Click Here for Book Collection