Help on Your Journey Overcoming Obstacles


Are you an older adult who is facing challenges and setbacks, sees a road ahead that is not smooth and well-paved, and are looking for guidance to make it over the bumps and potholes?

Advancing years bring new challenges and hurdles, some normal, age-related changes like a decline in vision or hearing, and some unexpected setbacks, like a physical loss following a stroke, a terminal illness, or an amputated limb due to advanced diabetes. Setbacks can also arise outside of our self, such as when we lose a spouse after 50 years of marriage. How do you adapt to these losses, and can you stay positive after a serious event or setback reduces your quality of life? Do you have thoughts that maybe this is too much to struggle with? Are there feelings of despair or resignation?

Our mission is to help you find that internal drive and motivation to keep moving forward, to get up every morning and ask what is my purpose today, and to find the "me" inside that holds on to your dignity and value, no matter what decline or loss you have experienced or what body part is missing. We want to provide online resources and strategies to remove the mental clutter that gets in the way of staying positive, no matter what cards you've been dealt. These coping strategies and help come from Dr. Casciani’s years of clinical experience with older adults who have experienced an array of physical problems, both in residential and long term care settings.


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Book: The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook

Member Handbook – this is a 19-page eBook on creating and maintaining a positive frame of mind, how to re-examine stereotypes about aging, coping with loss and setbacks, re-defining oneself in a positive way, strategies to lift depression, and digging deep for the energy and determination to move forward. Shop Here

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Living to 100 Planner - Where can I record all of the details - accounts, contacts, policies, logins, etc. - that I will need if and when an unexpected event occurs to a loved one. Or, where can I log this information so others in my family can locate it quickly? The Living to 100 Planner will become your go-to resource when compiling this information and keeping it all in one place. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have attended to this important issue and your energies can go where they are needed most. Downloadable version, formatted for printing 12 pages.

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