Soft Cotton Dry Wipes 600 Count

Soft Cotton Dry Wipes 600 Count

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These dry wipes are made from cotton material, can be used in dry and wet ways, ideal for all types of face and hand cleaning. Soft and comfortable, especially on  sensitive skin.

Soft, Comfortable and Reusable
Safe and Healthy: chemical free and unscented
Washable: dry wipes have high tensile strength, add water as needed for wet wipe action
Environmental-friendly cotton material, biodegradable.
Total count 600 pieces (100 per pack)

Material: Cotton
Color: White
Whole Quantity: 600pcs / 6 Packs(100pcs / Pack)
Dry Wipes Size: 11 * 20cm / 4.33 * 7.87in
Whole Package Size: 21.5 * 10 * 16cm / 8.5 * 3.9 * 6.3in
Whole Weight: 522g / 18.4oz

Package List:
 1 * Dry Wipes(600pcs / 6 Packs)