Fresh and Inspiring Perspectives on Living to 100

Fresh and Inspiring Perspectives on Living to 100 is a 50-minute presentation by Dr. Joe Casciani that encourages the audience to "turn aging on its head," with inspiring perspectives on aging successfully, overcoming obstacles, and starting new chapters. The talk focuses on how to maintain a positive outlook about our future, whether we're still running marathons or confined to a wheelchair. 

What we talk about:

  • What is the Living to 100 Club?
  • Thinking Styles
  • Blue Zones: Lessons for Longevity
  • It's never Too Late
  • Meaning and Goals
  • Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone
  • Overcoming Setbacks
  • How One Exception Can Lift Our Depression
  • Starting a New Chapter
  • Projecting a New Image on a Blank Screen - ReStorying
  • (Don't) Act Your Age - with video
  • Age is Only a Number
  • Closing Thoughts

This presentation invites audience members to take control of their future, stay positive about future years, and commit to moving forward no matter how many bumps we encounter along the way. Time is reserved at the end for Q&A, with handouts.

In-person Presentation: If you are looking to add a speaker for your live event on successful aging and longevity, consider this uplifting presentation.

Virtual Presentation: Using video conferencing technology, this event can be scheduled for your organization with little advance planning, to any size room where there is one or more video monitors.  

Please contact Dr. Casciani to discuss scheduling arrangements and presenter fees. He can be reached at jc@Livingto100.Club or 833-548-2100 (833-LIV 2 100).